Gotta catch 'em all!


The Pokemon brand has become a classic license and caught a new generationís attention when it was re-launched on the Nintendo DS and Wii in early 2007.

Evolution is a massively important part of the Pokemon games but this has always been over looked by other license holders and manufacturers. The Pokemon Evolution Gacha series' enable fans to collect complete evolutionary sets of Pokemon for the first time.

These boxes have been highly successful due to their increased collectability, high quality finish, and low price point. The Evolution collections have in fact been one of the most successful ever with over 3 million capsule sales across the five editions.

2008 will also see the launch of a new range of Pokemon collections. The first will be based on the new smash hit Nintendo DS game Pokemon Dungeon which for the first time will offer inter-connectivity between the pieces to add even more collectibility value.

September will then see the first of two collections this year based on the extensive Pokemon library of movies. These blockbuster editions will be unique in that they will include scale models of our hero, Ash, so for the first time players can see the true scale of the monsters. 








 Diamond & Pearl: Blockbuster Editions


Pokemon Blockbuster: Edition 1

The new Pokemon collections take a break from the Evolution concept and focus on the fantastic movies. The 10th Pokemon Movie will be released later this year and to celebrate this there will be two new boxes featuring the many Pokemon characters that have appeared in the movies over the years. Each capsule comes with a Crystal Ash to show the true scale of the Pokemon enclosed. Blockbuster Edition 1 will launch at the end of September.


Pokemon Blockbuster: Edition 2

The second Movie Blockbuster collection Gacha Box features more characters from the Pokemon movies spanning the past 10 years. The key character in this collection is Palkia, the main character from thePearl Edition DS game. With one main character included in each box, both the collectability and anticipation for the consumer is enhanced. Blockbuster Edition 2 is due November 2008.